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Serving Southwest Florida including Naples, Fort Myers, Hooker Marine Construction, located in Cape Coral, builds kayak walkdowns for area boaters.

Why a Kayak?

The Inuit in the Artic regions built the kayak many years ago. Why? To hunt and fish better. The name kayak, in fact, translates to “hunters boat”. The boat allowed the resourceful hunters to sneak up behind and catch animals on the shoreline and sidle up and spear easily spooked fish.

The first kayaks were made primarily of driftwood and animal skin. Now, kayaks are made of fiberglass, metal, plastic, fabrics, wood, and inflatable fabrics like PVC or rubber and even feather light carbon fiber. The purpose of the kayaks, which dictate the materials used in construction include performance, stability, maneuverability, and paddling style.

Why not a Kayak?

Kayaks are a cool boat, especially for getting close to nature and getting exercise benefits from paddling. With all the lakes, canals, and bays in Southwest Florida, especially in Cape Coral, the kayak is very popular here.

However, whether you own a sit on top, a cockpit style, or a play boat style, the kayak is so close to the water, you will probably need a special dock adjustment to get to it and enjoy a day on the water in the sun!

Walk down to your Kayak

You will need to walk down to your kayak usually via dock steps to a kayak launch. Hooker Marine Construction can build a wide variety of different size and style kayak walk downs that will allow you safe and convenient access to the water line, regardless of the tide.

We will add almost any size or style kayak walk down to your new dock design or incorporate one into your existing dock layout. We have built full side, recessed, and full finger kayak walk downs per the pics on this page.

Contact Hooker Marine Construction today to walk down to your kayak and get in with ease!

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