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Cape Coral Seawall Repair

Avoid Seawall Anxiety

If your seawall experiences erosion, needs new tiebacks installed, or received a battering from a storm, like Hurricane Irma blowing through Cape Coral on Sunday, September 10, 2017, your immediate concerns probably include:

  • Costs
  • I know nothing about seawall repair
  • Property value impact


As longtime Florida Gulf Coast residents, we understand the impact of fresh water from the Caloosahatchee, salt water from the Gulf, and the brackish water from both make on your seawall.

We will conduct a comprehensive seawall inspection and damage appraisal at low tide to observe the full extent of water levels, erosion, foundation damage to seawalls. After that, we will prepare a comprehensive quote for you.

I know nothing about seawall repairs.

We do.

Most people who own a home along our 400 miles of coast, are unfamiliar with seawall repair in Cape Coral. We, at Hooker Marine Construction, are very familiar with it. After we inspect the seawall, provide a quote, and you accept the price, we go to the City of Cape Coral website seawall repair tab for:

Residential / commercial guidelines, the SAJ-91 checklist / data requirements, an application, an owner builder affidavit for homeowners, and the notice of commencement for projects more than $2,500.

All the seawall administrative and the repair work is completed per the rules and to the quality needed.

Property value impact

We know seawall repair in Cape Coral, not real estate! However, common sense suggests just as in every other home infrastructure situation, if seawall repairs are neglected and grow into major problems, who knows how that will affect the value of your home. It is something to consider.

Hooker Marine Construction and Seawall Repair

Maintaining your seawall properly is one of the most important things a waterfront home owner can do to avoid very expensive seawall repairs or replacement. Cave in’s or small sink holes that develop along the back side of your seawall are normally a clear indication that your seawall has started to leak.

Without prompt and proper repair, these small leaks, over time, may cause your seawall to breach. Hooker Marine Construction specializes in seawall seam repair and concrete crack repair.

Call Hooker Marine Construction to ease your anxiety if you need seawall repairs in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or anywhere in the SWFL area, contact Hooker Marine Construction… 90%+ of our jobs come from referrals.

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