Boat Lift Construction

Hooker Marine installs boat lifts in Southwest Florida which includes Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and surrounding cities. You can select from multiple options of aluminum, hybrid, or galvanized (hdg) boat lifts ranging in size from 4,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

All of our lifts are manufactured locally and come with a full warranty.

Cape Coral Boat Lifts

With 400 miles of fresh, brackish, and saltwater canals in Cape Coral, boat lifts serve two major purposes. One, they make it easy to get on your boat and into the beautiful Southwest Florida waters, and two, boat lifts keep the bottom of the boat virtually free of the problems water, especially saltwater, can cause to a boat finish.

Benefits of Hooker Marine boat lifts include:

  • Lifts that fit the needs of the waterway, home, dock, and boaters
  • Enduring and environmentally friendly materials
  • Quality, communicative, and expert construction
  • Multiple boat lift construction and price options
  • Reduced boat maintenance expenses

Cape Coral Boat Lift Regulations

One of our services is to make sure the proper permitting is granted from the City of Cape Coral, the State of Florida, and from any federal entities, the US Army Corps of Engineers, in particular, if applicable. For example, a permit is not needed from the Corps for a freshwater canal boat lift but is required for a salt-water canal, single-family boat lift. Our services also include ensuring the proper inspections are completed.

When you need dependable residential boat lift construction in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or anywhere in the SWFL area, contact Hooker Marine Construction… over 90% of our jobs come from referrals.