Cape Coral Tiki Huts

Bring more bliss to your already in-paradise home in Cape Coral with a Tiki Hut, custom-made!

Like the Cape Coral Resort Style Living?

Let a professional Cape Coral Tiki Hut builder construct a piece of your dreams. Not only will a Hooker Marine Tiki Hut bring delight to your home, you will be a part of the rolling history of Tiki Huts in North America for the last 14,000 years, since Native Americans settled the land, including the many tribes right here in Southwest Florida!

The Practical and the Fun

Hooker Marine Tiki Huts will transform your house into a permanent vacation home!

The Practical: Our waterproof roofs provide protection from our stunning, if sometimes strong, 265 days of sun and from the showers in the wet season so you can listen to rhythm of the falling rain in a dry spot! Hooker Marine Tiki Huts are versatile, durable, and most of all, beautiful.

The Fun: Tiki Huts enhance the inner-tropical-self in everyone, especially us Floridians. Did you know that Sperling’s comfort index is an average of 54 for the US…however, for Cape Coral, the index is 82 out of 100, where a higher score suggests a more comfortable year-around climate. Perfect for a home Tiki Hut!

Hooker Marine in Cape Coral makes Tiki Huts in multiple sizes, styles, and looks. We can incorporate new huts into existing or new dock designs. The most common two styles are a single pile in the middle as well as the four pile on each corner model with tailored tables.

We customize your hut using marine grade 8″ pilings, native hardwood canopy framing, and natural palm thatching. All Tiki Huts require a separate permit and are built to meet or exceed Cape Coral building code requirements.

Contact us to build a Tiki Hut for you today!